Friday, May 06, 2016


Nvidia driver pages updated

Hi there,

The past weeks I've been gathering the scattered information that belongs to the site but wasn't there: it's posted now. This means that the 2D and 3D news pages are upto-date, the AGP busmanager stuff is online. and the complete version history is back.

Information was retrieved mostly from BeBits and this blog: now all interesting items here are also in the original web-site. This blog is now redundant so to speak. Well, apart from the feedback option that exists here that is.

I guess that when I come to a point where I can post interesting info again, I will do so on the original site, with a link here. Maybe (indeed) I should start posting on the Haiku site blog later on as well/instead of using this blogger blog at least.

I still have to update the Neomagic and Matrox pages, as well as BeTVOut (to at least point back to valid pages). Also I think I'll compile the latest driver versions for BeOS and post them on the site for completeness sake (some users are still working with the BeOS in favor of Haiku..)

Apart from the website work I did not work on any drivers in the meantime. I should have a go at the hardcursor stuff, which btw really is broken on Haiku still: It prefers to work with the new full-color cursor, falls back to the old hardware cursor if the new one doesn't exist, and finally falls back to software mode if even that does not exist. Though the intermediate option is tried when prudent, it always fails..

Anyhow, when I have more news, I'll let you know!


Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work! Waiting for your appearance in Haiku dev blog ;)
It's good to see you back! I was wondering if you had any plans for finishing the BeOS/Haiku video driver writing guide?
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