Sunday, February 17, 2008


3D.. testing testing..


Just so you know: every now and then I'm fiddling with 3D support improvement. The high-level interface I wrote about two years ago is 'nothing more' than a new 3D command in the engines. This command is called TCL_PRIMITIVE_3D, and I'm testing it on a NV15.

I already noted some time ago that the command NV11_TCL_PRIMITIVE_3D is responding on my NV15: I can set the colorspace for the back colorbuffer. I can also set the Z buffer range on the card and apparantly most other stuff without hanging the engine. The old 3D command keeps rendering nicely as always so that's good I think.

Just one thing is hanging the engine: setting the 2D window position. Well, I'll leave that disabled for now since it's working anyway on this card.

Tonight I find myself at the spot where I need to actually try to render using the new command. Which means I'll now shut-down the old 3D render command and test the new one. The coming time that is..

I have to admit I'm feeling exited about this. Will I actually be able to get this thing going or not? And: will it improve speed for Q2 and the teapot? And after it works on NV15: could NV20/NV30 be made to work?

Interesting stuff. Anyhow: little time to work in, lots to do. (as usual ;-)



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