Tuesday, September 18, 2007


3D is running OK again over here :-)

Hi there!

Well, the 3D accelerant Alpha 4.1 is running correctly again over here: just saw the 152fps timedemo2 going well :-)

As it turns out something changed with the compiler (or so) indeed: I had a enumeration list of TVencoders defined inside shared_info: apparantly this list gets (more/less) room assigned to it in shared info with the result that every entry coming after that pointed to 'nothing'. When I released the 3D accelerant compiling both the 2D and 3D driver gave the same result in both: the driver worked. These days however the 2D driver compiles differently, so I had to move this TVencoder list outside shared_info to correct the problem. I only had to do so inside the 2D driver: the 3D driver (originally compiled version) then works correctly again.

Strange. However, I'm glad I nailed it down now. This was irritating me for quite some time. :-)

This means I can have a look at the Linux world now to see XFree's current card ID's (we're much behind I guess) and the 3D nouveau attempts. For 3D I think I'll try to modify a 3d accelerant command to use the high-level interface on the NV15 card here and see what happens.

When I again have some time that is :)

Oh, SVN has the fix of the above described problem now of course.
And: my public Email adress is up again.



Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Wow, I missed something.??


I was very surprised to learn this week that AMD bought ATI? And on top of that, there's talk of AMD opening up specs (or a opensource driver?) for 3D specs for R500 and up? I didn't expect that!

And Intel is now maintaining it's own opensource 3D driver for Linux?

I knew already, but it's confirmed once again: a lot can happen in a year time! I'm very curious what nVidia is going to do if this ATI thing is going to happen.. (Ok, nothing probably ;-)

Anyway, time will tell, as always.

I'm trying to get my 3D driver going again on my P4-2800 system, but I seem to have a shared_info problem. if I recompile the 2D driver it's no good when 3D runs, while the old compiled 0.80 driver works OK.. What changed in haiku?

As we speak I'm trying to checkout the complete trunk so I can recompile from scratch (or so) to see what happens. If I get it going again I want to give the high-level 3D engine setup a spin (if possible), I want to see what nouveau has come up with in the past one and a half year in this respect.

Mind you, I have just a few hours per week to spend, so nothing might actually happen. Still: I am interested in this.

Oh, I am trying to get my 'public' Email adres up again (the one still listed on my homepage). Might come in handy again.

Until later. :)


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