Saturday, April 09, 2016


Status update..

Well, finally found some time and the source of my old website back. It's online again, the links here are updated to point there (

I'll update that old site a bit so all (or most) links will work correctly again. I plan to start posting a bit every now and then again, though time is limited due to busy real life.

Driver stuff:

In the meantime I've done a few smaller things:

Other work done:

While working again on the drivers I encountered, in my head, strange behaviour from the Haiku Backgrounds app. The color of the color selection sliders changes while moving the sliders around. This was not the case on BeOS. Since I was focussed on driver issues and I always use this app from that perspective I concluded that there might be something wrong with the driver(s) causing this behaviour.

In the end it turned out that it's actually new 'intended behaviour' so I can leave it alone. But not before I encountered a small error in the underlying class BColorControl with doublebuffering. This (along with other things) was fixed in the meantime by John Scipione so that class is now fully working OK from driver testing perspective.

Next up I am busy with trying to locate the exact problem Haiku's app_server currently has with hardcursors: while the drivers I wrote support this function, it still doesn't work on Haiku. It turns out Haiku has a new driverhook for a new bitmap style cursor that more modern graphics card support (like nVidia).

I need to run a manually compiled and installed app_server on my system, but I can't get this going (even though Axel gave me a few helpfull pointers). Maybe Haiku behaves different than it was meant to be? Don't really know yet.

I do know that indeed app_server has a fault for the cursors as I _can_ get it going if I fake a new style cursor by exporting and accepting the new hook. If that hook isn't there or fails app_server incorrectly assumes the cursor does not work and falls back to software cursor.

Anyhow.. still fiddling with this one..


In the meantime I've been reading up on the VBE 3 (VESA BIOS extensions) specs to see if it would be possible to add widescreen support to our VESA graphics fallback driver. Officially this can't be done I fear. This I did not expect, I'm disappointed in that. I had hoped you could set a custom 'modeline' but that cannot be done: only custom timing (refresh rates) for existing resolutions can be set.

Anyhow I'll do some tests to see if it's possible after all: there's a function concerning panels native resolutions: that would be the way to go with VESA, if possible.

No tests done yet though.

So, first I am still busy with the cursor. Also I am going to do some tests with virtual screens which depends on availability of a hardcursor (at least on BeOS). Since Haiku's screenprefs panel makes 'illegal' use of that for dualhead support on ATI cards I fear this won't work correctly at all times yet either..

That's it for now.



Thanks for the update! I'd suggest you posting it on haiku website also since pretty much every Haiku dev has his/her own blog there. Thus you'd get more feedback from both users and fellow developers regarding your work.

Glad you are back.

The new style hook is to support alpha in cursors. The app_server currently will fallback to software cursor when it's not present "just" because it looks better than the old style cursors.
You can probably change this behaviour.

As for replacing it, I suppose you're using a nightly, which have packages, that are read-only.
The correct way would be to blacklist the one in the haiku package:
then install the one you built into /system/non-packaged/servers/ although I'm not sure it's currently searched for by launch_daemon.

About VESA3, I recall looking at it, mostly for "hardware cursor" but what they advertise as such is actually just a callback to know when to hide the cursor when doing double buffering.
Wow, great to see activity on the video card drivers again. Looking forward to more info on this.
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