Sunday, December 27, 2015


resuming Haiku development..

Hi there,

It's been a while since I posted here. In the meantime changed internet provider once again... hopefully this time I won't encounter account trouble ;-)

Anyhow, just wanted to let you know I am restarting Haiku development, though on a less intensitive speed. Looks like my access to Haiku's repository is still in working order, so I am going to do a few things on the nVidia driver again.

Let's just see what I can manage for Haiku these days..



PS Oh! Season's greetings to all of you!

It's really great to see you resuming the work on Haiku. Can we hope you to continue experimenting with addition of hardware 3D support to it?

Welcome back :)

Was it hard to get Haiku to build? last time I buildt Haiku it didn't had PM..

If you are thinking about OpenGL I don't know how much you have followed the cahnges :)

GCC 4 have a new mesa package and I think we have software rendering

Alexander von Gluck IV ( should know more.

hm perhaps its time to get back aswell :)


Haiku was not hard to get building, but I do find it annoying that if I would like for instance app_server recompiled, I need to create the entire package in which it sits to get it running, instead of just dumping it into place and reboot (or something like that).

Luckily I am mostly on drivers, which can be installed outside of the package system.. (couldn't get app_server going outside of it.)

Don't know if I'll continue work on 3D, though it would be nice to see quake running again over here for instance with high FPS.

Currently updating a few drivers (nVidia for dualhead support with Haiku prefs panel, VIA for K8M800 support, now looking at a few app_server things related to driver handling, I want to have a look at the magic color for overlay, and the hardware cursor stuff since it seems not OK while I know the drivers -are- OK..).

After that I'll have a look at what is going on with ARM, also I'm looking into VESA documentation to see if I can extend the VESA driver a bit for widescreen modes (looks like that might not be possible though I fear).

If VESA turns out to not be possible, I might look at a second nVidia driver for the newer cards (it's already in GIT, but does nothing yet).

So that's what's currently on the wishlist I guess for me :-)


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