Monday, May 26, 2008


New cards on my block..

Hi there,

I've not been working on 3D much unfortunately, nor with the 2D driver.
There are some very recent developments however.

I've been in contact with BeOS/Haiku developer Matt Madia lately, and he decided to send me two new gfx cards to 'thank me' for my previous work (as he wrote). The cards are a Geforce 7300LE (G72) and a Geforce 8500GS (G86), both for PCI-E.

Also I'm working on finding the Haiku problem with my driver that makes the acceleration engine inoperable (not yet done). In the meantime I came into possesion of a P3-600/FSB133 Mhz system and a second computercase that's still empty.
Seems I'm going to have to arrange for a PCI-E mainboard now so I can test with the two new cards and fork the nvidia driver to create a second one for the G8x series cards... It will probably be a Asus Intel P35 chipset board with two PCI-e x16 slots, a PCIe x1 slot and some PCI slots so I have maximum flexibility for gfx testing for Haiku/BeOS.

Still, time is and will remain limited in which I'll do this stuff. I'm curious how effective I can make it..

Well, it's fun playing around a bit again, that's for sure!

Matt, big thanks for those cards you sent me!!

Oh, about 3D. Seems there's a newer versioning system used much for Linux these days called git (Mesa3D, the nouveau driver among others). Unfortunately there's no BeOS/Haiku port which makes accessing sources I need for 3D dev hard to do. Still, I could download some stuff using an early windows port and it's an interesting read.

The next step I need to take for 3D is finding out what the exaxt format of the nouveau_vertex structure is, as I need to create and feed those in the NV15's engine. If anyone accidentally knows where to find that info, please advice :-)
And if someone would want to port that versioning system, rest assured I'd be using it to checkout some interesting sources...

Have a look here:



You might find this useful Rudolf:

Glad to see you’re still tinkering!
Hey Rudolf. Good to see you back. I've actually managed to get my 3D rendering engine compiling under Haiku. Obligatory screenshots:
I know that you must be bored with Quake for testing, so I hope that soon you'll have more games to play with while developing your driver. I've also updated my video card to a 8800GT.
any help you need about this driver just feed me in
i have an evga nvidia 7600gt
Hi... i'm glad you're still actively working on the drivers.
Sorry for bugging you here.
The driver works great for my TNT2 card, however i have to turn off the bios calls in order not to have the screen frozen after booting (the desktop appears, and then freeze, clock stops so it's not the controls). Maybe you now how to avoid turning this option off and still have a working driver? I have a panoramic display and closed-source nvidia driver doesn't work for me.

I would be very grateful for any response, thanks in advance.

Of course i tried to search the web, but the reesources on bes seem to be very limited (I use BeOS Max v4b1)
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