Sunday, October 28, 2007


G80 support remains non-existing for now.

Hi there.

No news about 3D yet. Seemed like I had to add support for more cards to the 2D driver first. I synced the driver against nVidia's april 2007 ID list which meant adding 24 more cards (one extra was reported by a user).

Anyway, some 'bad' news I have I guess:

After testing on a G86 laptop, looking at the logfiles, and looking at the nv driver code I decided to block G80 and higher support in the driver's accelerant.
Since the 2D accelerant is becoming crowded anyway with all those cards with little differences in them, it seems to me we need to create a new, seperate accelerant (and maybe kerneldriver too) for G80 and higher cards.

These cards have new CRTC's, DAC's and accelerant engine I think. It won't do the current driver any good (readability for one) to add support for this more extensive modified hardware.

If anyone is up to the task, I guess it's a good starting point to copy the current nvidia driver and start tweaking that copy to only get G80 and higher support. That would mean a big cleanup to that version of the driver I guess... ;-)

Since I have no hardware to work with (and of course little time) I won't start on this myself now.

This means the current 2D driver just needs to have the ID's added for all new, but pre-G80 cards that are left. And of course this driver could still have some functional gain in the future, like more 2D accelerated functions.

The driver now has version number 0.84.

See you later!


Nice to see you from time to time and I think it's better to have you around for a longer time than producing a lot of code and leaving in a short time :)

I would rather see 3D support for the "new" Haiku OpenGL framework than support for G8x. Best would be NV4x and G7x 3D support ;)

Any progresses in the 3D area?
If you need beta testing, i can make some test with 8800GTX (+ quadcore ;-)) under zeta 1.5 ....

Good luck
Good to see you again Rudolf... what is your mail adress? Old email not work: host[] said: 554 5.6.0 Your
mail message was flagged as spam. Message not accepted (in reply to end of DATA command)
Hi there!

Thanks, I hope to stay this time.. :)

Anyhow: no news yet on 3D support dev. I'll start testing more with it soon though. I'll keep posting here about my findings.

Long time no see! I'm afraid though I can't really create support for your card since this best needs a new accelerant. The main reason I can't work on it though is I don't have comparable hardware at my disposal. Who knows, maybe later on..

The mail adres you mention does actually work, but it has heavy spam filtering enabled at my provider.
You probably had some pictures or html goodies in the mail increasing your spam score to above the threshold for flagging it as spam and returning it to you.

Actually, I probably need to come up with a totally new adress in the future as even this heavy filtering isn't enough. The adress apparantly still is on a lot of spamlists making it less useable than I'd hoped..


Where can i get hold of the BeOS version of .84 im dying to try out my 7950 card. As the version on bebits dont seem to recognize it (.80)
If you have not seen this, it might be of interest for Haiku 3D driver development.
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