Tuesday, September 18, 2007


3D is running OK again over here :-)

Hi there!

Well, the 3D accelerant Alpha 4.1 is running correctly again over here: just saw the 152fps timedemo2 going well :-)

As it turns out something changed with the compiler (or so) indeed: I had a enumeration list of TVencoders defined inside shared_info: apparantly this list gets (more/less) room assigned to it in shared info with the result that every entry coming after that pointed to 'nothing'. When I released the 3D accelerant compiling both the 2D and 3D driver gave the same result in both: the driver worked. These days however the 2D driver compiles differently, so I had to move this TVencoder list outside shared_info to correct the problem. I only had to do so inside the 2D driver: the 3D driver (originally compiled version) then works correctly again.

Strange. However, I'm glad I nailed it down now. This was irritating me for quite some time. :-)

This means I can have a look at the Linux world now to see XFree's current card ID's (we're much behind I guess) and the 3D nouveau attempts. For 3D I think I'll try to modify a 3d accelerant command to use the high-level interface on the NV15 card here and see what happens.

When I again have some time that is :)

Oh, SVN has the fix of the above described problem now of course.
And: my public Email adress is up again.



Hi Rudolf,

Welcome back! :) Glad to see you're doing well.
Welcome back! I'm new to the Haiku community but I've heard of you by other members lamenting your absence. ^_^

Anyway, I'd be very interested in knowing if you have any plans for adding NV50 support to the nvidia driver.
Hey Rudolf.
Glad to see you're back, and Haiku-ing away.

I will soon reach a milestone with my Tennis game (for Windows, Mac and the BeOS family). I'm pretty sure that you're tired with Quake, so you'll soon get a chance to test your driver(s) with my game.

Latest obligatory screenshot

Hi Rene! Long time no speak :-)
Where are you living these days?

Trevor: I'll try to setup NV50 support I expect, but it requires me to resync the driver to X.org probably. Depending on how much the driver changed, and how much NV50 differs in engine setup, it could take some time. And, I cannot test myself. (I have no PCI express system anymore these days).

@Zenja: Cool! I love the Haiku commercial texts as well.. 8-)

It's good to see you're still going strong


Hi Rudolf,

I'm back in the US at the moment, Alabama to be exact. Keep up the good work :)
Glad to see Rudolf back in action.

Been messing around with trying to port the G80 driver from xorg to Haiku but it's been going very slow. Hopefully you'll have better luck, given your previous track record. :)
Hi David,

Good for you!
But: is that driver that different from mine that it's difficult to just copy over those? You could always take a copy from my driver and further develop that one?

BTW: My plan is to look at the X.org (and/or XFree86) driver to see if the basic setup is still the same. If so, I'll just locate again what I already have leaving the diffs to copy (and modify) over.

For the engine setup I should be able to find the diffs reasonably fast if it's just expanded compared to a year and a half ago.

If you have a G80 then did you try to just add the ID's to my driver and disable the acceleration hooks?
I wouldn't be surprised of the driver would work already then..


Hey Rudolf,

Nice to hear you're back finally :)
I look forward to lots of progress in the open source nvidia driver world :)

Stephane (the nouveau guy)
Hey Rudolf,

Nice to hear you're back finally :)
I look forward to lots of progress in the open source nvidia driver world :)

Stephane (the nouveau guy)
Hi there Stephane!

Glad to see you here: I am wanting to contact you but I seem to have lost your email adress.

I'm looking at the nouveau sourcecode and I am doing some poking around on a NV15 (added NV11_TCL_PRIMITIVE_3D cmd setup in the 2D driver, it seems to be 'responsive too').

Anyway, I would like to have a look at the current DRM and 2D driver. both tweaked by your nouveau project. Unfortunately I don't have Linux running here, and I have no clue about 'git' (is it?).

Could you make the source somehow available to me, and possible answer some questions later on regarding command setup?

It would indeed be nice if I could finally perform some tests for you ;-)

Bye! (thanks in advance!!)

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Welcome Back Rudolf.
I've been messing around with putting Haiku on a few different systems to see what works and what doesn't. I tried it on a ThinkPad 570E which has a neomagic chipset in it. I posted my results in the Haiku bug tracker, which also includes a screenshot.
Note the strange colors. Once I goto screen and adjust the colors it goes to normal colors. Maybe you can check into it and fix it? I included the listdev output in the bug track ticket #1169.
Hi Rudolf,

My email is marchesin (at) icps.u-strasbg.fr

I think the best way to contact nouveau devs for a talk would be to drop by on our irc channel (#nouveau on irc.freenode.net). There's usually a couple of knowledgeable people in there, at any time.

We did get NV10_TCL_PRIMITIVE working btw (I'm working on using it for 2D accel ATM), so it should be easy to adapt to haiku (really our issues ATM are more output programming & friends).
Hi ScottMC!

I got your mail as well, to which I just responded. I'm afraid it's going to be difficult for me to fix that one. Your'e right though, I did the Neomagic driver as well.

@ Stephane:
Thanks, I wrote your adress down. I've been on #nouveau already (though I did not talk to anyone, it was just a test).

I'll be there soon, and I'll probably mail you directly.

Again, I am going to need to tweaked 2D driver for the extra init done for 3D to be able to test the 3D cmds to the max. extent available to me. I'll ask for access in #nouveau. :-)

On a sidenote: NV11_TCL_PRIMITIVE_3D is responding on my NV15: I can set the colorspace for the back colorbuffer(though opposite from as mentioned in the nouveau code. Might be a side effect from still doing actual rendering with the old NV04 commands though: it's too early to tell for me).

Anyway, we'll talk more using IRC/mail I hope!

Thanks again, your code is looking good!


Good to see you again Rudolf... what is your mail adress?
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